Translator’s Ramblings: Part 3

Originally I just wanted to leave a reply to a couple of the comments on Ch.32, but since my thoughts always tend to go off in all kinds of directions, inevitably I decided I’d do a post instead. Obviously, don’t read this if you are not caught up to the updates yet 😛

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FBFY Live-action Adaptation

Some of you have asked me if I know anything about FBFY’s live-action adaptation. I do. I’ve been meaning to give you guys some info at the end of one of the chapters but I kept forgetting to. Thought I might as well do a proper post now with some actual research to back it up (as per my usual style). That said, a little disclaimer: There’s really only so much I can search for given my almost non-existent Chinese knowledge and using Google Translate, so my information isn’t the most accurate. But for those who are curious, here’s what I’ve found out.

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