About the blog’s domain name:
It refers to Snow Jade Flower, an original song from the Legend of Qin, a Chinese animated TV series based on a novel by Taiwanese writer Sayling Wen. I came across the song by chance after seeing it being recommended by a reader of FBFY. I fell in love with the song in the first few seconds and listened to it a lot as I read the novel.

About my pseudonym, Haru:
Haru in Japanese () means “spring”. My given name and surname in Vietnamese are both names of spring flowers, so it has become a habit of mine to use “Haru” when playing games. I’ve grown rather fond of the name so I now use it as my pseudonym in online platforms  😛

This blog is, for now, a translation blog dedicated to the novel “Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You” by Xiao Chun. I may branch it out in the future, but we’ll have to see.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi I’m also a law student and love your translations! Why did you learn Chinese when you were younger?

    Pls do intro me your other fave books too! Hahas 🙂

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    • I’m glad you’re liking my translation, fellow law student 🙂 I went to international schools when I was younger, and it was mandatory to learn a second language in addition to English (Viet was the native tongue so didn’t count). I kept moving schools so never got to really study Mandarin for a long period and no practice -> non-existent skill today lol. Are you asking for recommendations for English novels or C-novels? Which genres do you read?


      • I just speed read the whole book. I prefer the starting of the novel because at the end, it got quite draggy. Prefer the starting where they liked each other but couldn’t express their love.

        I thought it would be a sad ending but thank god it is a good ending! But I don’t understand why Luo Shen was able to leave the twins behind in period times. Do you have a spoiler code???

        C-novels! Ah I prefer reading modern novels but really love historical novels like Once Promised (my fave!) and Yun Zhong Ge. I read Lost You Forever too. And I guess I will just follow your translations for FBFY. The chinese words used are so difficult to comprehend for my standard. 😛


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