The index is also in the Introduction post but scrolling through my long post is probably annoying. For easier access, I recreated it here.

Title: 不负如来不负卿 Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You19300001305436131148040366911
Author: 小春 Xiao Chun
Genres: Chinese historical fiction, time travel, romance
Ratings: PG to 18+ depending on the chapter
Length: 2 volumes – 100 chapters
Synopsis: Beyond the earthly realm were Buddha and the Dharma. In the earthly realm were feelings of love. Camel bells rang the song of the West, about a love story that journeyed along the Silk Road over a thousand years ago…
小春 is the copyright holder of the novel 不负如来不负卿. My English translation is based on the official Vietnamese translation by Lương Hiền. All I own is the English translation, which is free, voluntary and only meant to help promote the novel, not for commercial gain.
DO NOT RE-POST my translation anywhere else and DO NOT RE-TRANSLATE.

Please read the Introduction post first before you begin reading.

Part I
Ch. 1-2 | Ch. 3 | Ch. 4 | Ch. 5 | Ch. 6 | Ch. 7-8
Ch. 9 | Ch. 10 | Ch. 11 | Ch. 12 | Ch. 13 | Ch. 14
Part II
Ch. 15-16 | Ch. 17 | Ch. 18 | Ch. 19 | Ch. 20
Ch. 21 | Ch. 22 | Ch. 23 | Ch. 24 | Ch. 25 | Ch. 26
Ch. 27 | Ch. 28 | Ch. 29 | Ch. 30 | Ch. 31
Ch. 32 | Ch. 33 | Ch. 34 |
Ch.35-37 (see end of Ch.34) | Ch.37-38
Part III
Ch. 39
| Ch. 40 | Ch. 41 | Ch. 42-43 |
Ch. 44 | Ch. 45 | Ch. 46 | Ch. 47 | Ch. 48 |
Ch. 49 | Ch. 50 | Ch. 51 | Ch. 52 | Ch. 53 |
Ch. 54 | Ch. 55 | Ch. 56 | Ch. 57 | Ch. 58 | Ch. 59 |
Part IV
Part V
Part VI

7 thoughts on “Index

  1. Just sending a note hoping all is well with you. I know life throws stuff at us all the time. I or we haven’t seen or heard anything from you for a while so once is a while if you get a moment just throw us a note, letting us know how you’re doing, okay?

    ❤ ❤

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  2. Hey, Haru,
    I’m from Indonesia. I’ve taken interest in this translation of yours and would like to re-translate this to Bahasa Indonesia and poting it in wattpad. Do you mind?
    I’ll give links to your english translation in every chapter i’ve posted, of course.
    Thank you


    • Hi there, thank you for asking. I’m a bit hesitant to say yes for several reasons: 1) due to what has happened in the past with someone who wanted to re-translate into Thai (you may have seen a bit of it from a couple posts). 2) Also, I’m already translating from a translation, so you translating from my words, I’m worried about the original words losing its intended meaning. 3) I’m a very slow translator, as you can see, so erm I don’t want to make you or your readers wait endlessly for me to update once you’re caught up with the chapters…

      Having said all of that, I started this translation project with the hopes of spreading this gem of a novel to a wider audience who may never get a chance to read it otherwise, and that’s what you’re also trying do here (I’m assuming?), so I also feel inclined to say yes.

      Ahh, I really don’t know. I guess if you’re okay with my snail pace of translating, and think you can stay as true to the words and to the novel as you possibly can, then I’ll give you my blessings to go ahead. I’d highly recommend you find a link to the Chinese ebook and machine-translate it to Bahasa (?) as a back-up reference though. Also, if you also intend to translate my Translator’s Notes/Footnotes, please be clear that they’re MY notes (so people know any errors are all mine). If you need help or have questions about the novel/words I use, we can talk over emails (if you allow me to contact you by this email you’re using to comment).


      • So Can I assume that you agree?
        I’m fine with your pace as long i’m certain that you will eventually finish this project although it take years. Don’t drop it, please. I’m re-translating other novels too, and sometimes they go on hiatus for months. It’s okay.

        Yes, you can use this email to contact me, and I certainly will contact you if there’s something which needed confirmation from you.

        Thank you so much

        PS: I found the drama adaptation of this novel in youtube. Can’t wait to watch it XD


        • Sorry for the late reply. Yes, you can go ahead with translating. I do intend to finish the novel, just life gets in the way often so…

          If you need any help in the future, just comment on a post and I’ll email you 🙂

          I also have a link to the drama bookmarked somewhere, just haven’t gotten around to watching it :p


  3. Thank you for translating this amazing story. If not for your effort, we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy such wonderful story. I follow you till the end of the novel!


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