Where I am with the translation of Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You:

Chapter 39

Last updated: June 11, 2018


12 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Just wondering how you are doing. Miss your beautiful translation of this novel. Hope things are going well for you and hopefully you can find the time and inspiration to continue translating again.


    • Thank you for your kind words 🙂 I’m doing okayish, just busy with school and work I guess. I’ll try my best to pick up translating in the coming month so please bear with me. As always, know that I have not given up on this project!

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  2. I do have a question: do u know of a book that’s similar to this one in the meantime that we could read while you’re in transition with midterms , and stuff? I would love to know what you would recommend, if any? Thanks!!÷


    • Hmn, that’s a difficult question. What exactly are you looking for? I mean, if you’re looking for time-traveling novels then other than Bu Bu Jing Xin by Tong Hua, I can’t think of any other ones. If you’re asking for other cnovels I enjoyed then I do have a list, but I read them in Vietnamese so it’s not really helpful to you. Though if you haven’t read Da Mo Yao by Tong Hua yet, then I’d highly recommend it. It’s my favourite cnovel after FBFY ❤ Thankfully, koalasplayground has translated that novel to English in its entirety so you can check out her blog for that (scroll down to the end of the page for her translated novels). Sansheng, Death Exists Not at the River of Oblivion by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang is also a great read, and you can find the Eng ver here (it’s also a shorter novel with only 15 chapters). It might be also worthwhile to check out Shushengbar’s List of English-translated cnovels (by fans).

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      • =) I know it’s probably seriously limited, but yes, the time traveling genre kind. I’m kinda fascinated with the time traveling tales of going to China’s past. Not sure why but I do enjoy them and this particular book that you are translating has been utterly riveting. I’m going to go and search the ones you mentioned. Thanks for the recommendations!! I seriously hope your mom get that newer edition of this book to you soon! XD

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    • Jiu Lu Fei Xiang is one of my favourite c-authors, so her other novels are also worth checking out in my opinion. “Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Moment of Impulse” is also good (Prologue can be found here, and all the other chapters here). Again, the list of cnovels translated into English is very limited since it’s all done by fans with no official publisher backing (waving my hand). The Vietnamese market is much more receptive to cnovels, given that we’re neighbours and their culture is familiar and accessible to us, so we actually have officially published translations. It is unfortunate for English readers. I’m sorry 😦

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      • No worries. I am just happy when there are people nice enough to go through the trouble to translate such wonderful books. As a reader, I can tell if a book is well written by the translator, so thank you for all your hard work as a translator and thank you for the author suggestions!!! =)

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  3. Hey Haru! I’ve been following this story since the very beginning and I’m really happy every time you update. But I’m sad at the same time, as I finish the new chapter, because I have to wait for a long time for the next one to get uploaded. I know that you don’t have to translate this story for us, you do this to spread this work and I’m really thankful for that. But please, don’t stop every time halfway translating this. I had high hopes of you translating this, but I think I can’t endure this any longer. I don’t know the ending of this story, but I’m sure I will drop this by time it reaches the romance part. I know, this doesn’t sound like I’m one of your stick-to-you-no-matter-what-reader, but I’m honest with you: I don’t want to wait another year just to read 5 chapters. I’m not sorry for saying this harsh things. Please overthink all of this translating dates.
    Sincerely, Luchiabao


    • First of, we’re not paying Haru to translate this book so she doesn’t “owe” us fast or regular translations. If she stops translating, then that’s too bad (and I’ll be sad) but that doesn’t make it okay for us to pour our impatience on her. If the translation is too slow for you then stop reading the novel. If you really understand that Haru “doesn’t have to translate this story for us” (your words) then be thankful for the fact that she’s still working on the project.

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  4. Hey Haru, Hope you are doing well and things are not too hectic IRL.
    I really love this series so so much that I just had to MTL it. Sadly, I’m sure I’ve missed out on lot of nuances that make this novel what it is. I was wondering if you are still TL-ing this? It would be great if you could pick this up 🙂
    Thanks for all you efforts!


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