Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You — Chapter 20

Ramblings: Please imagine as if I am kowtowing to each and every one of you in apology. I will explain my absence a bit more at the end of chapter. If you’re reading this, then I sincerely to thank you for your patience with me thus far. Since this has been long overdue, I’m sure you’re all anxious to read the chapter. Go right ahead.

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Ch.18-19 coming very soon

I pulled an MIA again, sorry. Mid-terms and most assignments are done at last. I have many work shifts this week but have been trying to translate whenever I can.

Ch.18 is half-way done, will get it done tomorrow and hopefully be able to post on Thurs morning (EST time). I always need a sleep rest right after I finished translating a chapter so I can proofread it with a fresh mind.

Will start on ch.19 this weekend and should be able to post it by next Monday or earlier.


Comments now enabled for ch.15-16

Sorry, I didn’t realize I had somehow disabled the comment section for Chapter 15-16. It only came to my attention thanks to haweii’s comment in ch.14. I have remedied the situation. Feel free to leave your comments now 🙂

If in the future this ever happens again, please do not hesitate to let me know by commenting on another post. I read all comments so that’s the quickest way to reach me.