Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You — Chapter 23

Please Read:
I am all for promoting this novel to new audiences, and although I think re-translating from my translation is not a great idea (since I’m not even translating from the original Chinese), I am not exactly against re-translation per se. But at least have the decency to contact me and request my permission first if you want to re-translate? I am pointing fingers directly at a certain Thai translator, who I shall not name either their name or the site, but you know who you are. It seems like general courtesy is dead, or perhaps I should have been clearer in that Announcement post I made a couple months ago. So let me clarify for what I hope is the last time: Xiao Chun holds the copyright to FBFY, and Lương Hiền holds the credits for the official Vietnamese translation. That said, I do own the English translation, every word of it (unless noted otherwise), so give me credit where it is due, please. I am not that hard to contact. Leave a comment on any of my posts and I will certainly be notified of it on my phone and respond accordingly.

I may sound like a broken record, but honestly, I translate this novel for free, so at the very least, give me some basic respect. I also see some instances of people on other websites/forums complaining about my speed of translation, well guest what, it isn’t going to move any faster when these kinds of incidents keep happening! If it wasn’t for my own stubbornness, love of the novel and the support of many other readers, I’d have quit this project a long time ago! I would have also stopped putting in the endnotes, stopped doing the additional research and cross-referencing that pretty much no other English translator of c-novels do (not even Lương Hiền herself)!

EDIT (Nov.12/16): The Thai translator (Sydney) has come forward and admitted her mistakes. I accepted her apologies and we have been communicating back and forth. Sydney thus has my permission to re-translate to Thai; her translation can be found here. The Introduction post and Index page will be updated accordingly. However, I chose to leave my note above as is to reiterate to all visitors of this blog that the English translation of FBFY is mine, and that any re-translation attempt must first gain my approval. I still do NOT allow any re-posting of my translation anywhere else.

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Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You — Chapter 20

Ramblings: Please imagine as if I am kowtowing to each and every one of you in apology. I will explain my absence a bit more at the end of chapter. If you’re reading this, then I sincerely to thank you for your patience with me thus far. Since this has been long overdue, I’m sure you’re all anxious to read the chapter. Go right ahead.

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Ch.18-19 coming very soon

I pulled an MIA again, sorry. Mid-terms and most assignments are done at last. I have many work shifts this week but have been trying to translate whenever I can.

Ch.18 is half-way done, will get it done tomorrow and hopefully be able to post on Thurs morning (EST time). I always need a sleep rest right after I finished translating a chapter so I can proofread it with a fresh mind.

Will start on ch.19 this weekend and should be able to post it by next Monday or earlier.