[Please Read] Announcement

No, I’m not quitting this project. But I think I was just given one reason why I should contemplate that idea:
It had just recently come into my attention that an individual(s) is re-posting my translation on another website without my express permission and without giving credits to either me or my blog.

This is the link: http://www.readlightnovel.com/faithful-to-buddha-faithful-to-you
“Angry” wouldn’t be an adequate word to describe my feeling when I found out. But I was at work so I held it in until now.

On my sidebar to the right you can clearly see my Disclaimer, which I will re-post here for ease of reference:

“I do not hold any copyright over “Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You”. It is entirely a creation by Xiao Chun. My English translation is based on the officially published Vietnamese translation by Lương Hiền. All credits of this novel go to these two people. All I own is the English translation, which is purely voluntary and only meant to help promote the novel, not for sale or for personal gain. If you wish to use my English translation, please DO NOT REPOST it but link it to this blog instead.

This disclaimer is included in introduction post of this novel and in my index.

I’m not sure what part of the last sentence was not clear to the user(s) who stole my translation on that website.

Yes I used the word “stole” on purpose. Because what they did was stealing. Absolute no where, from the title page and through all 11 chapters that they posted, did I see my blog or my name being given credit. They made it seem as if it was them who was the translator. And that is the biggest insult to me.

Those who follow this blog, who have read every chapter I posted, are well aware of how much effort I put in this translation project. I spend on average at least 8 hours translating each chapter, painstakingly choosing each English word to match the intended meaning, researching every Buddhist term, every historical detail from the people to the geography. I even borrowed numerous texts from the public libraries, spent days scouring through a renowned university’s library, just to ensure the best possible translation.

And I did all of this for FREE. This project is completely voluntary. I do not earn a single cent from doing this.I have my own life, be it school, work, or other commitments. And yet I chose to translate this novel. Why? Because I love the novel, the characters, and as a result deeply admire Xiao Chun, the amazing woman behind it all.

So the least they could do was giving me credit for my work.

But they didn’t.


I have left them a comment on the title page requesting that they take down all the chapters, but apparently the comment is “waiting for moderation”, which mostly like mean my words will never see the day.

Here is the text of my comment in full:

“I am the English translator of this novel on https://snowjadeflowers.wordpress.com/ and I request that you take down all the chapters you have posted so far. I am so angry I do not know where to begin.
 First, I have clearly indicated on my blog that my translations are NOT to be re-posted anywhere else without my permission, and that if anyone wants to promote the novel, they can link it to my blog. While I do not have copyright over the novel, the English translation is 100% mine and I would like you to respect that.
Second of all, not only did you re-post MY translation without my permission, you did not even credit my name or my blog anywhere. As if you, the user(s) who posted it here, were the translator yourself. And that is the biggest insult to me. I spent on average at least 8 hours translating each chapter, painstakingly choosing each word, researching every Buddhist term, every historical detail from the people to geography to the best of my ability. And I did all of this for FREE. Because I love the novel, the characters, and deeply admire Xiao Chun for their creation. So the least you could do was give me due credit for my work.
 The user(s) who posted the translation here, once again I request that you take down all the chapters within 24h of reading this comment. If I need to contact the administrator(s) of this website, I will, but I hope that won’t be necessary.”

I have also saved cached pages of the website just in case this becomes a bigger dispute that it needs to be.

I might attempt to contact the website’s administrators if I don’t see the matter resolved within 7 days. Not sure exactly how, given that there’s no contact info available that I can see. In addition, a quick look through the site and I see it littered with uncredited translations everywhere. Even the names of the authors are not always listed. It’s easy to conclude that this is one of those aggregator websites similar to the likes of Mangafox where its users just post others fans’ works without permission and/or giving proper credits, and the admins do not give a damn. It is completely abhorrent.

If I’ve learned anything from my experience on the Internet, then I know that nobody on that website will do anything to remove those posts. But we will see.


I am not pointing fingers at anyone, but this is a general warning to everyone who visits my blog:

Please DO NOT RE-POST my translation anywhere without my permission, which I will tell you now I will never give if this is how it gets abused, LINK IT BACK to this blog instead.
If you want to promote the novel and/or my translation, you may post the novel’s general details and my synopsis, but either my name (Haru) or the URL of this blog must be credited.

I hope I will not see a repeat of this anywhere else.


What a rotten way to start the week. My favourite musician just dropped his mixtape and I was all excited about that, but then this came up and I had to address it first. UGH!!!

Alas, translation of chapter 21 will have to be delayed for now. I don’t feel like translating right now, not when my hard labour gets treated like shit.

The Vietnamese version of this novel is getting republished sometime within this week or the next, so by the time I get a copy (ebook or hard copy, whichever comes first), I will probably fall in love all over with this novel again and will resume translating like normal. But until then, I am taking a break.

Some of you might think “Oh no, not again. She’s taking a break again.” For that, I do apologize to all my loyal readers for this announcement. I know it’s not your fault and you shouldn’t have to suffer the consequence of some thoughtless individual(s), but sometimes the action of one can have a grave impact on the rest.






18 thoughts on “[Please Read] Announcement

  1. So sorry to read that this is happening here as well. Another translation blog that has had similar problems has done something with password protection. Another blog puts their disclaimer directly inside the text of the translated novel. It is a shame that some people do not understand about respecting others hard work. Please, take whatever steps you feel necessary – we’ll wait for you!

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    • I don’t want to resort to passwords, but I’m definitely going to put the disclaimer in every future chapter I post (and will probably do so for previous chapters when I have the time). Thank you for being understanding. It’s readers like you who keep me going 🙂


    • I thought about doing that too but if the more of us visit that site (like I just did because I was curious what type of people would behave so disgustingly), wouldn’t it make their blog more popular and they might profit more from it somehow?

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    • I appreciate the sentiment but I don’t think it’d make much of a difference since they moderate all comments. But it’d a good idea to tell others to beware of that site and just boycott it.


  2. I really appreciate your translations ❤ I usually remain silent, but I do really love this novel, especially beacause I can see that there is a lot of hard work behind it.
    Thank you Haru, for providing this easy and throughouth translation of this novel :3
    I just want to encourage you to continue translating, although I am already very greatfull for all the chapters you have already translated.
    Hopefully the webside will hear yor demand, or at least put your name on the translations, although I have my doubts. I can really understand why this agitates you, the site destroys what you are working for by earning money on the wievs it gets from stealing others work! The worst thing is that the honesty, and Non- profitable credit you give to the authtor and the work is totally gone:(
    The only thing we can do is to boycott this site, never use it an make sure it does not get a single penny from us.

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    • Thank you for your comment. 🙂 It’s readers like you that keep me going. I don’t think I will stop translating since I’m rarely a quitter. This project has been dear to my heart and I want to see it to the end. I highly doubt much will happen to that website either so yeah all we can really do now is just boycott and spread the word. Once again, thank you for your kind words.


  3. I’m so sorry to hear that this happened to you. It is terribly disheartening to hear about the lack of respect for all your hard work.
    I just wanted to say how very grateful I am to read your translations. They are always so well-written and lovingly translated! We are all supporting you!

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    • Thank you ❤ You and others have been faithfully following this blog despite my numerous disappearances and I'm really grateful for that. I read each and every comment even if I have not always replied to them because they honestly make my day. 🙂


  4. Hello, I do visit your site however I did not realize that I forgot to follow your website for a while now >.< As for the website you have linked, I looked around and it seems like for some translations they put "visit translator website" while others give absolutely no credit. That's just plain wrong. It's been noted on many translators' website that they have put disclaimer(s). The site seems to be ignoring many translators that translate Chinese romance novels (basically novels known in ShuSheng Bar) and leaving them no credit.
    I'm sure many other readers of this website and I support your translations and I understand how painstaking it must be to translate this particular novel from all of the historic references and religious references. The news that the novel is getting republish is pretty exciting because this is truly one of those golden gems. Finally they will change the novel from Đức Phật và Nàng. That title has been bugging me for a while now. I hope you feel better 🙂

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    • Thank you for dropping by and for leaving such kind words! Yeah that website just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I honestly don’t get why they can’t just link the translator’s blog instead of spending effort copy&paste the text?? It just baffles me.
      I’m really excited. It was released yesterday and I immediately placed an order for it online, it’s said to arrive at my mom’s house within today or Monday. My mom is sending her usual mid-autumn festival package to me at the end of month so I should have the books by 2nd week of Sept or so.
      Hmn, do you know Viet or are you Viet yourself, for you to notice the title that way? I’ve had heard other Viet readers complain of the same, and while I don’t particularly dislike it, I could see it being off-putting for some and I know it was the reason why the 1st edition didn’t sell as well (along with the ugly cover…)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hello 🙂 I’m Viet (I don’t live in VN though). I was reading some of the comments by other readers about the issues with the title. Personally, I find the cover for it to be okay (the Chinese cover looks way better in my opinion… and someone with photoshop can probably do better than that for the first edition lol). The title is not really a great one and it can lead people to think differently. I’ve read some people said one bookstore accidentally put it along with buddhist books and religious books. It’s better off for the publisher to change the title in case there are more misunderstandings and have the books sell more. As for the new version, I probably wait for cousin to visit VN and ask her to buy it for me lol.


    • I don’t think they’ll do anything. It doesn’t look that page (for the novel) has been updated for some time, and if the admins care about this kind of matter at all then they’d have had taken measures and created stricter policies. Oh well.


  5. I am french and can just read in English, that’s why i will be very sad if you stop your translation (can’t read the original) but i completely understand you and support the choice you will make. For people like them how do not know what it mean to “work hard” on something, i can just hope they wake up soon and apologize to you properly.
    This book is a treasure that made ​​me travel to each new chapter.
    As a reader i can see all the time this novel must take you and hope a good ending for you.


    • Thank you for taking the time to comment! I’m glad to know my translation was able to reach such a wide audience 🙂 This novel has been truly a gem and to know my clumsy words somehow managed to make you feel the same, I’m honoured. I don’t think I’ll quit honestly, it’ll just take me some time to pick up again. Hopefully you’ll still be with me until then. ❤


  6. Hi,
    I’m a silent reader a found your blog a couple months ago and have been waiting for the upload of chapter 20 for the longest while, I was so happy when I saw it and jumping for joy hoping that your hiatus was over. I decided to leave what may be my only comment just to show a but of appreciation and to let you know that you have another avid reader here.

    I love this novel I have to say that the dedication you put into it is astounding all the research and additional information is just wow. I know some other translators would probably summarise the historical aspects and so forth because it’s a lot to take on. Knowing this I’m deeply grateful for all the hard work you’ve put into this project.

    I feel horrible about the situation you find yourself in at the moment and hope that everything can be resolved in the most amicable way possible. Please continue to do what you want even if it means placing a password on it.

    Thank you so so so much 🙂

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