Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You — A Playlist

I had a playlist of songs I listened to when reading Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You (FBFY). I wish to share it with you all and perhaps they will become your background music as you read my translation. If you guys have any recommendation, feel free to comment and I will try to include them as well.

Here is the link to the full playlist I created on Youtube. The list below includes my explanation for each choice of song and the individual video clip.

  1. Snow Jade Flower from the Legend of Qin OST, a Chinese animated TV series based on a novel by Taiwanese writer Sayling Wen.
    I named this blog after this song because I love it so much. Came across the song by chance after seeing it being recommended by a reader of FBFY. I listened to it so much that now every time I listen to it I recall all the feelings of this novel.
  1. Hua Xin (Painted Heart) from the OST of the 2008 film Painted Skin.
    I have mixed feelings about this film even though I love all the main actors. The song though, is a different matter. So hauntingly beautiful.

I just found a flute version and a zither (14-16 stringed instrument) version of it too if anyone is interested.

  1. 尘埃 (Dust) by Jiajia from Bu Bu Jing Qing OST (sequel to Bu Bu Jing Xin).
    I’d rather pretend the sequel never exists but I quite like this song.
  1. Another Time, Another Sky – from the OST of Queen Inhyun’s Man.
    It is one of my most favorite kdramas of all time, about a Joseon scholar who time travelled 300 years to the future S.Korea in 21st century. The title and lyrics of this song especially make sense for FBFY.
  1. Bai Tou Yin by Ding Dang – from the Sound of Desert OST (TV series based on Tong Hua’s Da Mo Yao)
    If you have read my Translator’s Ramblings P1, you would know what kind of love I have for Da Mo Yao. I also like the TV adaptation. It wasn’t the greatest but I liked Eddie Peng’s potrayal of Huo Qu Bing and I am fond of Liu Shi Shi.
  1. There is a kind of courage in letting go by Ding Dang – from the Sound of Desert OST
  1. Three Inches of Heaven by Yan Yi Dan – Bu Bu Jing Xin OST
    It’s a classic song and I feel a bit guilty in using this song for FBFY since the feelings I associate with this song are purely BBJX. But since it’s so hauntingly sad I find it sort of fitting too.
  1. Có Khi Nào Rời Xa (When will parting comes) by Bích Phương
    This is a really odd choice since it’s quite modern, what with the saxophone and piano background and all. Except the song is very sad and the lyrics somewhat fitting. I found a link with Eng lyrics so you can read it too.

I also found a flute version for anyone who wants an old Chinese feel.

    1. 一梦如是 (Like a dream)

It is based on a gatha (verse) in the Diamond Sutra, first translated into Chinese by Kumarajiva, quoted in Ch.17 of FBFY. The video clip used scenes from a Korean documentary on the Silk Road and features an actor as Kumarajiva (whom all the FBFY readers love). Since it is a homage to Rajiva, many Viet readers are fond of this song. I came like this song after I finished reading the novel, as I worked on the translations.

I also found a zither version of the song.


4 thoughts on “Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You — A Playlist

  1. Omg, the feels from these songs bring back so many years of ancient/time-traveling dramas (back when time traveling wasn’t banned in mainland on network tv)! Ah, those were the days. Do you like Xiao Qu Er? His latest album has been my most recent ancient music obsession heheh. ^_^

    Thanks for sharing, I’ll be following your translations. I actually listened to most of the audiobook a while back but they hadn’t finished at the time so I just skipped to read the ending when I got impatient. Anyways, let’s just say that by the end of my listening to hundreds of parts of this audiobook, I still couldnt recall all the names without reading it…. and by now I have forgotten them all. this is just to say, I’m impressed. That and you are translating from Viet~such dedication, Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know! I have all these songs except the last one in my iTunes, and only now do I realize they are all time-traveling themed ahaha. But honestly, time-traveling done right can be sooo good.
      In case you didn’t know, FBFY is being adapted to a TV drama as I speak. The casting has already been done and the camera is rolling. I guess since Kumarajiva isn’t that Chinese, and Ai Qing did not alter history too much, the gov is fine with it? o.0
      I don’t know Xiao Qu Er but I’ll check him out. Thanks!
      It seems many readers I’ve talked to so far have tried the Chinese audiobook but none has finished it ahaha. I don’t believe in audiobooks myself so I cannot say much. But then again, I only have experience with English ones.
      Thank YOU for reading. I hope you’ll enjoy the ride!


      • I just visited your blog and saw this, I’m definitely going to start reading this as soon as I have a day to just myself.
        Back to my original intention:
        The singer xiao qu er is really nice and his voice is amazing if you haven’t checked him out yet here’s a link to a YouTube video of some of his songs I hope you enjoy it and thank you for putting in the time to translate, I only wish I were more proficient in mandarin to read all those lovely Chinese novels myself orz

        Liked by 1 person

  2. HI blogger, can you tell me where I can watch the legend of Qin animated series, Vietnamese or English sub is ok? Also, thank you for your translation of this novel. There’s a lot of difficult terms and historical facts so your effort I’d greatly appreciated


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